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8 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines is just around the corner. Everybody is bored with conventional cards, chocolate boxes and candles. You want something unique to surprise your significant other with a gift that is better than your last years’ gift. Here are some unique gift ideas your significant other might love.

A candle-light dinner

A candle-light dinner is one thing that all couples want to do at some point in their life, and what better day than Valentines Day to go out with your significant other and enjoy a dinner under the moon, with just candle-light. This will very soon become the most memorable night of your life.

Homemade treats

Homemade treats are one of the best ways to show how much you care about your significant other, that you are willing to spend time on a gift just for them. Although this is a very standard valentines Day gift, baked treats are always welcomed, and if you bake it your self, it makes it more special to your significant other. Make sure that you arrange them in a pretty tin and present with a bow to make it extra special.

Tickets to a show

Buying two tickets to your loved one’s favourite concert, play, movie or sporting event and putting it in a gift box is a beautiful way of surprising your girlfriend or boyfriend. But make sure that the tickets you buy do not collide with his or her other plans which can create an issue and you do not want that!

A personalised mix CD

Oldie but a goodie, Compile all the romantic songs and other songs that your significant other might like and burn it in a CD. Choose the songs that have a significant place in your relationship some romantic and some songs with an inside joke that you two understand. Decorate the songs with the cutting of magazines. If you cannot find a CD, creating a playlist and then sharing the same with your loved one also creates the same effect.

A photo album

You might have many photos of you and your significant other lying in your phone. Well! This is a good time to print it out in an album and make sure the pics are a mix of romantic, funny, and weird times of your relationship, also make sure that you do not fill all the pages leave some to create more memories.

Stuffed animals

A stuffed animal might seem cheesy, but it does not have to be! You can get a funny stuffed animal that has an inside joke just for the two of you.

Handmade artwork

Make a collage, paint or draw, something that your significant other likes. Even if you are not an artist, give it a go as, its the thought that counts!

A romantic getaway

If lately, you were not able to make time for your love, you can plan a small vacation to a place where you two can spend alone time just with one another.

Denise Miller
Denise is a mom, author, blogger, and wife. She juggles two part-time jobs and two full time kids while kicking butt and taking names. She hopes to share her experiences as a busy mom with the world