Effective Hobbies

Cost Effective Hobbies For The Stay At Home Mom

The peak time for a stay at home mom is during the mornings and in the evenings. Their schedule will be very much hectic during the mornings as they will have to prepare breakfast and lunch for everyone at their homes who are leaving for work and school.  They will again get busy during the evenings when everyone returns home. But in between the predominant stay at home moms will be free and they can indulge in something that does demand much of spending. In this article, we will see some of the cost-effective hobbies for stay at home moms.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing is not the kind of habit that you can develop overnight. But taking baby steps in the initial stages is all it takes to give the perfect start. In the present, you do not even have to buy books to start reading. You can read anything you want in your smartphone itself. A small heads up before you start. If you get the hang of it, there are good possibilities that you will get addicted to it.


Painting and art & crafts

It does not matter whether you can paint properly or not. If you are interested in it, then go ahead. As time passes by you will definitely witness an evident difference in your painting skills. When it comes to craft work, there are a lot of sites and YouTube videos where you learn to make a lot of things from everyday use items.


If you are planning to take up baking, we are absolutely sure that it is one of the best decisions. When you are buying grocery add a few of the things that you will need for baking. Make it a point to try out new recipes and come up with new ideas. Get creative in icing and be exceptional. If you are able to master it, then you can actually convert it into a small scale business. If your hobby has the potential to make some money why not do it.


For gardening, all it takes is some basic skills of gardening and some space. Even if there is no space, you can plant and grow a lot in the terrace. When it comes to gardening, do not confine yourself just to flowers and decorative plants. When you get the confidence that you can do it start planting vegetables and fruits that do not require much space. There is nothing better than homegrown fruits and vegetables.


This is definitely one of the new age hobbies for stay home moms. A proper internet connection and a good laptop are all you need to start blogging. You blogging can be very particular about certain things, or it can deal with a lot of things. Nothing might happen for the first few months. But if you are putting out some engaging content, there are good possibilities that people will start visiting your blogs, and as the traffic increases, you will make good money out of it.


Denise Miller
Denise is a mom, author, blogger, and wife. She juggles two part-time jobs and two full time kids while kicking butt and taking names. She hopes to share her experiences as a busy mom with the world