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How To Protect Your Baby During The Flu Season

Babies immune system is immature due to which they are susceptible to more than 200 different viruses, and babies are naturally curious, they will touch anything around them and also put the same hand in its mouth. Due to which your baby can catch a cold, it is inevitable, but you can take certain steps towards making sure your baby is protected from flu germs.

First few months are the most dangerous

The first two months before the babies first shot of immunisation, is crucial as the baby is more susceptible to the flu germs and you being a parent needs to be on high alert. Keeping the baby away from crowded places as these places are breeding grounds for flu germs.

Keep your baby covered in public places.

Sometimes you might want to take a trip to the mall, but you cannot leave your baby alone at home! During your occasional visit to the mall with your baby, keep the baby in the stroller with a thin sheet covering the opening. This might put your baby to sleep and also prevent infected strangers from looking or touching your baby.

Carry disinfecting wipes and hand sanitiser always.

Well, germs can thrive anywhere and everywhere, and if you have a new baby in the house, it is a must that you carry a disinfectant with you always. Your immunity is way stronger than that of your baby, so it is up to you to make it a requirement to wash your and others hands before touching the baby or using sanitizer instead.

Enforce a strict no sick guest allowed policy.

A new baby attracts a lot of guest to your house, and everybody wants to touch your baby. But you need to make sure that no sick guest is around the baby, who can pass flu to your baby. Newborns are especially susceptible as they cannot get a vaccine shot until they are at least six months old.

Get your shots

Your baby cannot get flu shots for at least six months after they are born which makes them susceptible to many viruses. So, doctors advice new mothers to get a flu shot while the mother is pregnant. As the baby is getting all of its nutrients directly from the mother, and also might absorb some of the antibodies in the process helping him to keep flu away for the initial six months.


Nursing your baby is a great way to transport your antibodies to the baby via breast milk. A study shows that babies who are breastfed for at least six months are less likely to catch a cold, ear or throat infection.

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