Protein Bars

The Truth About Protein Bars

Protein bars are every body’s go-to meal when you cannot have proper food, or if you are planning to lose weight. You might turn towards protein bars as your food of choice but are all the protein bars healthy,

What protein bars need

Protein bars are a portable snack and are available almost everywhere. A bar of protein needs to contain less amount of sugar, more than 3% whey protein and dry fruits. But not all of the protein bars include these. We tend to blindly believe as the bar is marketed as and do not care for checking about the bar ourselves.

A bad protein bar may lead to the following

  • Hike in blood sugar
  • Skin allergies
  • Feeling weak easily
  • Lower your overall immunity
  • Might result in the wrong kind of fat development

Something to look for in your protein bar

  • Around 150 grams of protein
  • At least 5 grams of protein
  • less than 10 grams of sugar
  • Organic ingredients

Steps to be taken while buying a protein bar

Look for ingredients with whole foods

Whole foods in your protein bars are good, ingredients like dates, dry fruits, oats, coconut, whey powder are naturally good for you as these ingredients are organic, dairy and gluten free.

Steer clear of sugar

The majority of protein bars contains sugar, a lot of sugar! Considering that protein bars seen as a snack for post workout, it is high in sugar which cancels everything the effort you put in the gym. Sugar in a natural way in the form of dates, dry fruits are beneficial, but the added sugar and artificial flavours are bad.

Pick ones high in protein

A protein bar as the name suggests should have protein, check for the amount of protein in it. A protein bar can contain anywhere between 3-20grams of protein per serving. You decide what amount of protein you required to lead a healthy life.

Prioritise real food

Do not replace a meal for a protein bar, although they might be good for a quick bite, but they cannot replace the nutrients your body needs that only whole food meals can provide us. Even nutritionist advice against having a protein bar every day, and instead advised eating foods such as cottage cheese, natural nut butter, plain oatmeal, quinoa etc.

If you find a bar with whole foods and minimal added sugar, you can take it regularly, but in today’s busy lifestyle it is easy to make a habit of grabbing a protein bar and getting on with life. Instead, it is a good idea to grab hardboiled eggs, string cheese, greek yoghurt which gives you the same amount of protein but with fewer sugars.

Denise Miller
Denise is a mom, author, blogger, and wife. She juggles two part-time jobs and two full time kids while kicking butt and taking names. She hopes to share her experiences as a busy mom with the world