Time to replace your mattress?

Growing up, I have always shared a bed with my sister and now that I am married of course I share a bed with my husband. I always want to feel that someone is beside me when I sleep or else I have a hard time sleeping or I will wake up every now and then. I don’t know if it’s because I love watching horror movies even though I easily gets scared, hence for whatever reason I just want to wake up with someone next to me.

Up until now whenever I visit my parents’ house I still share a bed with my sister. She recently asked if we can replace the mattress that we have been using for a long time now, she said that we have been using it for around 10 years. I am no mattress expert but I think it makes sense to do so. I asked her to help me out to find a good mattress that we both would like.

When do you have to change your mattress?

According to bettersleep:

How long your mattress lasts depends on how often it’s used and what level of quality it is, but in general a mattress set that is seven years old has reached the end of the line and needs to be replaced. While this is a good rule of thumb, everyone’s body changes over time and your need for comfort and support increases as you age. Your body may be ready for a new mattress before the seven-year mark, so listen to what it’s telling you. It’s a good idea to compare your mattress and foundation to newer models every few years to see if there is a set that feels better to you and offers features you may not have needed or looked for in the past.

Do your research!

My sister and I usually depended on our parents to choose the mattress for us over the years. And now that we are older of course they said that we should choose the mattress since we will be the one using it and we may have a different preference from them now. I thought it was an easy task but with a lot of options to choose from it made the decision making a little harder. In case you may be wondering on how did my husband and I purchase our mattress, well he bought it for us, I said that I trust his preference so I was never really involved in the choosing stage. He did a great job by the way. Now that it’s my sister and I’s turn we really did a lot of research to find the best mattress for us so we wont waste time and money in buying the wrong one.

According to sleepadisor.org, below are the most important points to consider in choosing a mattress:

  1. Mattress Lifespan
  2. Budget
  3. Type and Material
  4. Your Sleeping Position
  5. Sleeper’s Weight

Also it is as important to choose the right size that you want that would also fit in your room.

Overall, we loved the process of choosing our mattress as it also served as a bonding moment for me and my sister. We watched a lot of reviews and ended up choosing with our top two contenders: Leesa vs Tuft & Needle and we highly recommend for you to visit this site if you are in the process of replacing your mattress as well. This provides a detailed information about the two and honestly it’s difficult to decide on what to choose in a sense that they are both good mattresses overall, both have good motion isolation and edge support that my sister and I are meticulous about, both are popular mattress, firmness level is also almost the same, slightly firm to medium firm, the covers are good and both have good quality. So whatever we end up purchasing is definitely a win.